Engines and power packs

TD-Series of Engines and Power Packs

The TD series of two Stroke, Turbo-Piston, Multi-Fuel Engine have demonstrable superiority of tanks equipped with the them, and significantly improve weight and dimension characteristics of the combat vehicle, mobility, dimension of exposed silhouette.

Engines of this family have following design characteristics, which ensure advantages over rival firms, which manufacture four-stroke engines:-

  1. High power to weight Ratios:

    Engine 6TD-2 – one of the representatives of TD family – has displacement 0.88m3 and power 1200 hp, power-to-weight ratio makes 1363 hp/m3

  2. Small heat emission to the cooling system and possibility to operate at high temperatures of liquid and motor oil cooling:

    Engines of TD type can operate at 130 centigrade temperature of cooling liquid and oil. This gives the advantage when operating in desert.

  1. Small displacement and weight of power pack compartment of combat vehicle:

    The TD series of engines is 1.2 to 1.6 times in this aspects to its competitors.

  2. High acceleration and brake power of the engine:

    Engines of TD type are equipped with compressor of supercharging air and power turbine, which have direct rigid (gear) connection with engine crankshaft. This structure ensures high accelerating characteristics of combat vehicle.

  3. Good effectiveness:

    The indicated efficiency of TD-type engines is 50%, the effective efficiency is 40%, the fuel rate is 155 to 165 g/hp.h, which corresponds to the best two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines. Taking into account that the power loss in the power pack compartment fitted with the engines of TD type are less owing to non-availability of losses in the intermediate reduction gear, decrease of power consumption for cooling system fan drive, the operational effectiveness of these engines is better than of four-stroke engines.

  4. Minor losses of engine power when operating at high ambient temperatures and altitudes:

    The power losses of engines of TD type are 1.8…2.2 times less than those of four-stroke engines when operating at +55ºC. This advantage is achieved due to the high effectiveness of turbo-supercharging aggregates, high level of air charge turbulization in the combustion chamber, intensive system of carburation and combustion.

  5. High reliability and maintainability :

    In TD type engine the combustion chamber is formed directly between two moving pistons, this eliminates availability of the cylinder head and the gas joint in this place. According to the statistical data 40…50% failures in the four-stroke engine operation are caused by damages of gas-distributing valve gear and seal failure of gas joint between the cylinder head and engine block.

  6. Multi-fuel operation:

    The TD-type engines make it possible to use jet fuel (kerosene) and petrol along with diesel fuel.

  7. Universal layout of engine

  8. Reliable starting:

    The engines are equipped with pneumatic, electric and combined starting systems. Starting facilitation systems: autonomous torch heater and calorizer starting system.

Parameter Unit 6TD-2 6TD-3
Power HP 1200 1400
Mass Kg 1180 1210
Volume Ltr 16.3 16.3
Volume Mass Coeff t-Kvm 72.4 74.2
Rotation RPM 2600 2850
Size (D/L) mm 120 /2×120 120 /2×120
Average Piston Speed (Vp) m/s 10.4 11.4
Average Effective Pressure (Pe) Bar 12.7 13.6
Life Criteria (Vp*Pe) 132.1 155
Engine Type AFV Type
6TD-1 MBT T-80UD
5TDFMA MBT Bulat-2, Т-72,  Т-55
3TD-4 BMP-3
3TD-3 BTR-4
3TD-2 BMP- 1, BMP- 2, BTR – 50
3TD-1 BTR-70, BTR – 80