Nozh & Duplet


  1. The operating principle of the Nozh/Duplet ERA is the destruction, deflection or pre-detonation of an incoming projectile by the effect of focused explosive energy generated by individual shape charge elements “Blades” contained in each of the NOZH modules. When an incoming anti-tank projectile hits an ERA module, pin-point directed blasts are generated by each of the individual blades that destroy the projectile.
    • Nozh / Duplet Destructive Means
      • Directed effect from shape charged plates (blades)
      • Products of explosion (Directed Shrapnel)
      • Shock wave
  1. On impact of a shaped-charged projectile, the shape charged stream, initiates the contained elements (blades) in the Nozh Module.
  2. Each one of them forms a chanalized stream of explosion products and shrapnel.
  3. This counters the cumulative stream.The Nozh chanalized explosion streams cut it the incoming projectile into separated fragments, destroying it’s integrity.
  4. Leading to the considerable, or sometimes total decrease of it armor piercing capability.
  1. Impact of sub-caliber armor piercing projectile initiates detonation one of its Nozh Blade elements, this detonation is transferred to the other blade elements.
  2. The AP projectile is countered by a series of powerful hitting pulses the exploded module blade elements, which destroy it, transforming it into separated fragments that ricochet the armor.
  1. Nozh modules are rigid box-shaped construction with specially arranged elements inside to affect the ammunition, which contacts the armour.