1. Man portable antitank missile system “Skif” is designed to destroy 24 hours a day stationary and moving modern armored targets with combined, carried or monolithic armour including ERA (explosive reactive armour) and also pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, tank in a trench, lightly armoured objects and helicopters.
  2. Possibility to aim and guide the missile from the closed emplacements and shelters that reduces the risk of the gunner destruction by reply fire of the enemy.
  3. Automatic target tracking mode, which provides automatic control of the missile flight in the laser beam without participation of the gunner. “Fire and forget” principle is implemented.
Parameter RK-2S, RK-2OF RK-2M-K, RK-2М-OF
Firing range at day time 100-5000 m 100-5500 m
Firing range at night time 100-3000 m
Flight time at maximum range not more than 25 s
Weight of missile in container 29.5 kg 38 kg
Missile calibre 130 mm 152 mm
Container length 1360 mm 1435 mm
Container outer diameter 140 mm 162 mm
Operating temperature range from -40 to +60 C
Parameter RK-2S, RK-2OF RK-2M-K, RK-2М-OF
Guidance system
By laser beam with target tracking in automatic mode
Tandem hollow-charge, armour penetration behind ERA not less than 800 mm not less than 1100 mm
High-explosive fragmentation with EFP, armour penetration not less than 60 mm not less than 120 mm
Launcher 32 kg
Guidance device 15 kg
Remote control 10 kg
Thermal imager 6 kg
Skif Cataloge